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About EdCauses

Partnering to Improve the Lives of Children, Families and Global Citizens


Through collaborative partnerships with schools, families, universities, businesses, heath organizations and other 501-C (3) non-profits, EdCauses, Inc prepares research-based learning platforms proven to increase the resiliency of impoverished children, families and communities, paving the way to successful citizenship, globally! 

Utilizing grants, longitudinal data-tracking and reporting, personalized coaching, teacher and service provider training, external and internal accreditation services, strategic planning and other infrastructure building strategies, EdCauses, Inc provides its partners with the necessary tools to support students, families and global citizenry, focusing on the academic, social, and emotional assistance they need to succeed in the work-force, in higher education, and in life. Special attention is focused on families and children plagued by low-educational attainment, and are from minority and underrepresented backgrounds. 

By collecting and sharing longitudinal data that crosses K-12, higher education, and non-profit community-based organizations, EdCauses, Inc not only provides partners with differentiated services that ensure academic, emotional and social resiliency, we also provide actionable feedback to partner organizations about their participants' success and their levels of college and work force preparation. Finally, our efforts  influence national and global conversations about student, family, school, and community successes, paving the way to global improvements and empowerment for all! 

The EdCauses, Inc Mission


Our Mission is to expand professional partnerships with key education, health, business, government, and grant agency stakeholders to advance education for ALL children, promoting the essential skills they need to live productive 21st century lives, and transforming today's schools and universities into educational settings suitable for tomorrow!

Our Services


EdCauses provides the highest caliber of services, aimed at ensuring that ALL children have access to a quality education, suitable for breaking cycles of poverty and leading productive lives as global citizens. 


  • Grant Writing
  • Curriculum Alignment
  • STEM Teaching and Learning
  • Educator Training
  • Family Training & Counseling
  • Bridging Learning Gaps 
  • Strategic Planning
  • External Accreditation Planning
  • Program Evaluation 
  • Standards-based Lesson Planning 
  • Assessing Standards-Based Curricula
  • Community and Business Partnership Planning; and
  • Other organizational partnership services

What Works: Empowering children, families & communities!

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Maximizing Family Engagements_Dr. Joyce Epstein (pdf)


NCCS_BuildingCommunitySchools Article (pdf)


Dr. Lora Bailey_Early Childhood Journal_2014 A Review of Research (pdf)


Dr. Lora Bailey_Common Core State Standards for rural... (doc)


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